Due to expensive, out of budget dental treatments and dearth of the dentists in India, dentistry is much talked about. Unaffordable dental treatments have also given birth to the need of dental insurance but there are hardly insurance companies that provide the dental coverage. This is the prime reason that majority of the Indians are deprived from the complete oral solutions,
In this country of population 1.3 billion, near about 2 lakh dentists are available to provide the oral care to people with the addition of 30, 000 dentists and 35,000 specialists every year who get pass out from the 300 dental colleges in the country. So after check here the 10,000 people in the cities there is one dentist and this figure raise to 50,000 in rural areas. So the lack of dentists can also be the affecting factor for the higher cost of dental treatments in India.
This is the reason that in India people choose dentist according to their accessibility and affordability for the treatment as they go to the nearest dentist that offer pocket friendly treatment. Due to expensive treatment, cost is becoming the major factor that is affecting the choice of people for the dentists or dental steamwalletcodesgenerator.net/ clinics.
Even in India major proportion of the population is unaware about the need and importance f oral health care and they seek for the dentist only when they come across any major dental issue. They select the dentist who relieve their pain immediately and offer affordable treatment to them. People generally do not bother much about the effectiveness and quality of the treatment offered to them at particular cost.
There are some factors that make the dental care expensive in India. Primarily, most of the dental equipments are imported from the other countries so this also adds to the cost of treatment. Secondly the changing cost of treatment at different dental clinics according to their cost policy, facilities, location of clinic, doctor fee etc. So depending on the dentist’s experience and expertise the cost for the treatment can vary in the clinic.
Even the lack of knowledge and awareness about the dental care also give advantage to dentists to take more cost of treatment from the oblivion dental patients.
All in all, either the insurance companies come forward to give dental coverage visit more information to people or government should take some steps to lower the cost of treatment.