Italy is known in the world as a country with cuisine that is among the best one can experience. Italian pizzas, for example, find their way in many countries now as many people from these countries who have visited Italy and got hooked on Italian cooking opened food outlets in their respective countries to let their countrymen taste the food of Italy. Many other Italian dishes since then have become known internationally, all because the cuisine herbs of Italy have made food from that country the tastiest one can savor.

Seven Italian herbs are described and highlighted in the following paragraphs to introduce you to them.

The first (and probably the most popular) of the herbs is the basil. This herb is the best that you can add to your cooking as attested to by Italian chefs themselves. As a plant, it does the additional function of repealing mosquitoes and flies in the garden. It also influences other vegetable plants planted near share this site it to improve their flavors, something hard to explain why, but maybe because the basil is a leader appnana hack cheats among other herbs and plants.

Second to basil in popularity is parsley. This herb in the olden times was used by people to sweeten their breaths fallout shelter hack tool with its minty flavor. This was the forerunner of the many breath mints now available in the market. Of course, this function in the past as a breath mint was in addition to parsley as a flavoring herb and a garnish in Italian recipes.

Then there is the oregano, an herb to add flavor to cuisine and used as a decorative plant in one’s garden. For cooking needs, the oregano is best harvested when it starts to bear flowers as the plant is most delectable at this time.

The fourth important herb in the list is fennel – popular because its seeds are used to enhance the flavors and tastiness of Italian sausages. The plant has to be replanted after maturity as the matured Fennel loses its flavor.

The rosemary is another famous Italian herb. Growing as a shrub, the rosemary bears small bluish little flowers which easily attract the bees to it. The bees are helpful in the overall condition and fertility of the herb gardens.

Then we have garlic as another herb used extensively in Italian cooking. Hardly is there an Italian dish that does not have garlic in it. Garlic is a hardy plant and can grow with very little care.

Lastly, we have the sage as the seventh among the top Italian herbs. Its young shoots are normally used to flavor meats and salad dishes. The sage herb plant is constantly trimmed to prevent it from getting woody.

Those are the famous Italian herbs. Use them for your cooking and you are sure to produce delicious and nutritious dishes. You can also use them for decorative purposes in the garden.