According to John E. Sarno, M.D. In his book, “The Divided Mind”, your emotions of grief and loss asphalt nitro cheats may be the cause of some or all of your physical pain!
The theory behind this is that the mind will reduce oxygen to certain parts of the body to cause physical pain so as to cover-up or distract you from the emotional pain, so you don’t have to face it.
Consider for a moment if a person were molested as a child. In order not to have to deal with the emotional pains, the body would “protect” the person by making them have stomach pains.
It can work the same way with the emotions of grief. If after your loss you have started having pains in your body that you, and maybe even your doctor can’t explain, it may be coming from your mind.
According to Dr. Sarno, this is a psychosomatic visit boom beach tool website problem. I don’t like that term as it has been viewed for many years as all being in your head. Any pain you are having is definitely not in your head! Even though your mind is the cause of this pain, the pain is very real.
We know that the mind operates our body. Our heart and other organs, along with our digestive system, click more details and almost all other functions of our body are controlled by the mind. So it is not a stretch to believe the mind can control the oxygen being delivered to the cells.
Now you may ask what the big deal is with the cells doing without a little oxygen, according to Dr. C. Samuel West, D.N., N.D., Chemist and Lymphologist, anytime the cells lose oxygen, pain is the result. So lack of oxygen to the cells equals pain.
Dr. Sarno even says that most back and neck pain, headaches, carpal tunnel and Fibromyalgia are caused by emotions.
Of course, not all pain is caused by the mind, so be sure and see your family health care giver to first rule out any real physical problems in the body.
But if your are having pains your health care giver can’t explain, or he or she believes is not life threatening, it would be wise to consider contacting a therapist that is trained in energy work and emotional freedom techniques.
Be sure and visit my website at for tips and lessons on overcoming your grief emotions and pains that may be associated with them.
Also, keep in mind many more emotional problems can cause the physical pain in your body. If for any reason you or your doctor can’t seem to get rid of pains you have, or they are “cured” from one place and then pain pops up somewhere else, please search out a practitioner that can help deal with your deep seated emotions.